Essential treatments for effective dog grooming

effective dog grooming

As already pointed out, grooming is, first and foremost, a matter of health and hygiene. There are some treatments that must never be neglected because they concern particularly sensitive aspects for the dog’s well-being Dog grooming Katy, TX.  This involves cutting the nails , cleaning the ears, eyes, genitals and under the paw and eliminating knots from the fur. For example, letting the nails grow too large can lead to their accidental breakage, resulting in possible pain for the dog, or cause the animal to walk poorly, compromising the pads under the paw or even the joints. Also very important is the hygiene of ears, eyes and genitals, delicate parts exposed to infections and diseases (ear infections, conjunctivitis, etc.). Similar speech for the cleaning of the legs and pads, which is of considerable importance, especially for dogs living in the house Mobile pet grooming Katy Texas.

dog asking for it Grooming

The cut: a technique for every need

Another fundamental moment of grooming is cutting. The main techniques are 3: shearing, scissor cutting and stripping. Each corresponds to a different result. The choice of one over the other depends both on the breed of the dog (long or short hair, curly or smooth, soft or hard) and on the purpose (if it has to participate in a competition or if it is a cut “for everyone the days”).

The most particular technique is undoubtedly that of stripping , which is carried out with a special small knife without blades. Literally it means “to tear”, and in fact this cutting method involves the removal of dead hair through a repeated mechanical action . It applies, however, only to certain breeds of dogs, characterized by a rough or bristly coat, which does not easily regenerate itself. The practice of stripping requires considerable experience on the part of the groomer, who must be able to assess whether the hair is “mature” and ready for removal; otherwise it could cause the dog pain and irritation. Complementary to stripping is trimming , which has a “hold” function and serves amake the beneficial effects of the main treatment last longer. Time and empathy, the tricks of the perfect dressing table

But do dogs like being groomed? Or do they experience it as a traumatic moment? These are questions that all those who have a four-legged friend ask themselves, especially at the time of the first grooming. The answer is only one: no, grooming is not a trauma to the dog. Or at least it shouldn’t represent it, otherwise it means that we have entrusted ourselves to a bad groomer. If, when you go to pick up your Fido you find him nervous, angry or scared it means that something has gone wrong and it is better to change. None of the treatments that are done during a grooming, if well done, cause pain to the dog , not even stripping.

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