The reason behind using the horseshoes

Why Do Horses Need Shoes

Most of the time the question might have roused most of the use for the reason for using the shoes for the horse. There is various reason Why Do Horses Need Shoes ? they appear ubiquitous in most cases. Though they seem to be rare and there are used mostly by many horses.


The horseshoes are mainly used to help the hoof to work in the most durable form. it has to be kept in mind that the hoof is mainly made with the same kind of stuff as the human fingernail which is called keratin.

The hoof is much soft as well as tender whereas the inner part known as the frog has the chance of getting injured. It may naturally get damaged by wearing away while the horses walk. Therefore, they need to add the shoe to their hoof to reduce the damage and keep the inner part of the hoof in a healthy condition.

Material used:

Most of the horseshoes are mainly of steel material. In the case of the racehorses, the aluminum metal is used as they are higher and this will help the horse to perform much better and maintain the speed as well.

There is also a kind of boots that are worn by the horse. This is used in the case of hoof injury and they are mainly made of rubber this will provide a softer surface at the time of walking as well as significant support.

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