Celebrate The Start of Stone Crab Season

Florida stone crab


Many people love to spend their summers and holidays celebrating the start of a new season. Whether it’s springtime, summer, fall, or wintertime, many people like to celebrate the beginning of a new season, and great things are expected to come. This summer is no different. Stone crab season in Florida will be opening soon, and we want you to join us for this celebration! Here are some tips on how you can get the most from your stone crab season experience.


First, it’s essential to know that stone crabs are a species of crab that lives in the Atlantic Ocean. They are found in the waters around Florida and are known for their sweet, succulent taste.


The season is open only to those who have a license to catch stone crabs. The government has set up a season limit of one thousand pounds of stone crabs per person each year. If you want more than one thousand pounds a year, you will have to buy your own license and catch your own Florida stone crab. Most people who have been fishing for over ten years say they can usually catch between six hundred and eight hundred pounds of stone crabs in their lifetime!


Third, As an exporter, you will be allowed to export up to seventy-five percent of your total harvest for that year; however, if your total harvest exceeds this limit or if you do not sell all of your harvests at least once every three years before the start date for that particular fishery (which varies with each fishery), then after three years (or whenever you sell all or part of your harvest) you will be required to buy a new license.


Fourth, the best time to catch stone crabs is between May and October, when the water temperature is between sixty and eighty degrees Fahrenheit. The stone crabs are more likely to emerge from their holes in the sand at night when cooler water temperature.


Fifth, if you plan to buy your stone crab meat, it will help you determine how many pounds of stone crab meat each of these licenses allows. You will want to purchase enough meat for your family so that they can enjoy a great meal all summer long!


Sixth, you must be a resident or citizen of Florida or a permanent resident alien; and most importantly, you must be over forty-five years old to purchase an export license. If you are over fifty-five years old but not yet sixty-five years old, then by law, you are not allowed to purchase an export license and have to buy only a resident’s license instead. This means that your children can’t buy their licenses for their summer vacations in Florida! So make sure that all of your family members have this information before they leave for vacation so that no one misses out on this great experience!



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